Montana’s only active domestic life insurance company.

Providing cash accumulation solutions through participating life insurance and protecting educational opportunities through disability products for Montana residents.

Eagle Classic

The Eagle Classic is the first product offered by Big Sky Life. Offering living benefits, the Classic is a 20-pay ordinary life insurance product offering tax-free cash accumulation coupled with increasing policy dividends. This product offers a tremendous opportunity to accumulate cash for college, retirement, or just living life.

Eagle Classic Junior

Rooted in the foundation of the Classic, the Classic Jr. offers the same cash accumulation features along with annual dividends, but over a 10 year premium paying period.


A revolutionary product created by our partner Specialty Insurance Marketing LLC, ScholarGuard offers protection of educational opportunities for young people aged 5-25. Should your child suffer a debilitating injury as defined in the policy while covered, once he/she reaches college age, they will receive benefits in the amount of $25,000 each over a four year period. If they lose a scholarship, the benefit doubles to $200,000.

A Montana based life insurance company.